ScanWill intensifiers are used to generate a higher pressure from a low-pressure hydraulic power source. The intensifier is based on a piston principle, where a larger diameter piston pushes a smaller diameter piston. That will then increase the pressure to a factor equal to the ratio: Larger diameter area divided by smaller diameter area. The outlet pressure will always be proportionate to the supplied pressure. The hydraulic system controlling the piston movement allows this to be up to 20 Hz during pressure build up, during which the intensifier delivers continuous flow. When the end pressure is reached, the piston movement stops. In case of a pressure drop on the high pressure side, the intensifier will automatically start working to maintain the pressure. The compact ScanWill intensifiers all have high-pressure valves integrated.

The drawing shows the basic principle of the ScanWill intensifiers, consisting of a piston arrangement: Piston Control Valve - PCV, Check Valves - CV1 & CV2 and the Pilot Operated check Valve - POV.

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