Case story 1: Power Packs for Bolting Tools

A customer supplying hydraulic power packs to the construction sector required operational pressures between 1,000 bar/14,500 psi and 2,500 bar/35,250 psi to operate tools and tensioners. Using the ScanWill MP-2000 series they can use the same basic low pressure power pack supplying pressures of 140 bar/2,000 psi – 200 bar/2,900 psi and simply apply the intensifier suitable for the required end pressure. This solution is cost effective towards a high-pressure solution, especially as all valves need a pressure rating for the pump pressure only.  

Case story 2: Casing Tongs and Roughnecks (oil & gas)

A customer supplying drill rigs to the oil and gas sector required an operational pressure of 350-700 bar/ 5,000-10,000 psi to operate the pipe clamping jaws on their roughnecks. After performing 20,000 cycle tests the ScanWill MP-L series was designed into the hydraulic system of the roughneck. 

Case story 3: Special Intensifier Request

A customer contacted ScanWill for a special application, where a pressure of 30 bar/435 psi needed to be increased to 210 bar/3,045 psi after passing through a rotary union in a silicon-cutting machine. A special ScanWill intensifier capable of working under rotary conditions of 1,500 rpm was developed, and did the job.

Case story 4: Intensifier Solution in Plastic Injection Moulds

A customer had problems with core pulling cylinders getting stock in the mould, and also needed to stabilize the cylinder during the moulding process. ScanWill supplied a ready-to-go solution for this problem. These ScanWill Intensifier Solutions comes as a complete set with a pressure setting valve, a full flow bypass and a pressure gauge, and only needs to be connected to the cylinder.

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