ScanWill pressure intensifiers can be applied to a host of diverse applications such as hydraulic workholding, pressure die casting, static and impulse testing equipment, hydraulic power packs, intensifier panels for subsea ROV’s, hydraulic operated tools, and many more...

In this section, we will look further into the two main areas of use – hydraulic power packs and hydraulic tools in the oil/gas industry.

Bespoke Hydraulic Power Packs

The ScanWill pressure intensifiers are easily integrated in new or existing power packs, and provide a very cost-efficient solution to achieving higher pressure (ex. 250 -700 bar/3,600 - 10,000 psi) without sacrificing the power pack’s basic low-pressure performance.

Power Packs for Tools

Adding a ScanWill pressure intensifier to a mobile low-pressure power pack provides a high-pressure outlet for operating cable tools, torque wrenches, bolt tensioners, punching tools and more. Power packs equipped with ScanWill intensifiers are capable of supplying working pressures in the range 300 bar/4,350 psi to 3,000 bar/43,500 psi, depending on the inlet pressure and choice of intensification ratio.

Hydraulic Drill Rig Tools

Our compact pressure intensifiers are highly effective for various hydraulic tools in the oil and gas industry, where space is limited and reliability is essential. For example, with casing tongs and roughnecks, ScanWill intensifiers are used to secure the pipes and tubes during the connection process, supplying the necessary system pressure and helping to achieve the required high clamping force and holding capacity.

Application examples

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