The Scanwill pressure intensifiers are used in new and existing applications.


In new applications the intensifiers allow you to design the system for low pressure to save energy consumption, and the intensifier will then provide the higher pressure when needed. Manufacturers of HPU´s  can use standard low-pressure components, and  add a ScanWill intensifier to get a high-pressure output. Examples are tension pumps, HPU´s for construction and railway tools and where energy saving is important.


In existing applications, the Scanwill intensifier are used when the existing system pressure is insufficient. This may be the case in larger production systems, where one station is lacking power, or when a new function is added to a system.


Below a schematic for a standard setup is shown, and a schematic for the same setup with a Scanwill pressure intensifier. The intensifier has a pressure ratio of 4:1 and will increase the pressure and also the force in the cylinder four times.


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