The product

ScanWill’s compact hydraulic pressure intensifiers offer an easy, energy-saving, safe and cost-efficient solution to achieving a higher output pressure from an existing low-pressure power source. Low pressure supplied to the inlet port – say 15-200 bar/218-2,900 psi – is transformed to a higher pressure at the outlet port – from 20-4,000 bar/290-58,000 psi. ScanWill's pressure intensifiers are offered in cast iron and steel, with a chrome finish, as well as in stainless steel for the oil & gas sector. ScanWill's entire product range is always in stock for day-to-day shipment from our facilities in Smørum, Denmark.

The people

Scanwill Fluid Power ApS was founded in 2001 by Jesper Will Iversen. With the invention of the compact intensifier solution dating back to the early nineties, ScanWill has more than 30 years of production knowledge and application experience. In April 2018 the Swedish group Addtech AB acquired Scanwill Fluid Power ApS. Today, ScanWill is part of the Addtech Group with 140 subsidiaries and +3,000 employees. Scanwill Fluid Power also have a network of more than 40 Sales Partners around the world, that are ready to help you find the right solution for your increased hydraulic pressure needs. We will in co-operation provide you with technical assistance and swift customer service.

Scanwill Fluid Power ApS
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